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Personal Insurance

SMV/Robertson-Rock offers customers a variety of personal insurance services. Along with these services, SMV/Robertson-Rock guarantees individual attention for each client's particular need. Call SMV/Robertson-Rock at 760-789-0070 to discuss your personal insurance needs.


SMV/Robertson-Rock has been in business in California since 1960 and has extensive knowledge of California auto insurance law to ensure customers have the correct coverage in the event of an accident. SMV/Robertson-Rock will help customers determine appropriate coverage on an individual basis depending on the driver's driving record and type of car. The agents at SMV/Robertson-Rock will educate customers throughout the process of choosing auto insurance to decide an ideal amount of coverage for each driver at a fair cost.


No matter the type of home you reside in, home insurance is necessary to protect homeowners from unforeseen circumstances. SMV/Robertson-Rock offers a variety of home insurance, including apartment, condo and mobile home insurances. Whether you rent or own, home insurance is important to protect yourself and your belongings. SMV/Robertson-Rock will educate clients to ensure homeowners have essential coverage.


Umbrella Liability Clients who choose umbrella liability coverage have added protection above and beyond their standard personal insurance policies in the event of an accident. Umbrella liability can be added to any auto and home insurance policy, with policy coverage starting at $1 million. Umbrella liability covers losses beyond those stated in the standard policy.

Umbrella liability differs from excess liability, yet both provide added protection to clients in the event of an accident. Umbrella liability adds protection beyond the stated coverage in the standard policy, whereas excess liability allows increased protection on top of the standard policy. SMV/Robertson-Rock agents will discuss with customers the details of excess and umbrella liability to determine whether additional insurance would benefit the client.

Secondary/ Seasonal Home

It pays to have a set of eyes on your vacation home when you are not using the property, which is why secondary (seasonal) home insurance benefits the homeowner. Whether you rent the second home or leave the property unattended, SMV/Robertson-Rock has insurance options for your home away from home to protect both the home and its contents.


Without earthquake insurance, the next big California earthquake could hit both your home and your wallet hard. Earthquake insurance provides property coverage for homeowners in the event of an earthquake big or small. Most home insurance policies don't cover earthquake damage, so SMV/Robertson-Rock will help clients understand and choose the best earthquake coverage policy to protect against a catastrophic event.


Flood insurance coverage protects homeowner's physical loss to the property. Flood coverage protects homeowners in the event of overflow of tidal waters, a rapid accumulation of runoff, and mudflow. Flood protection does not protect homeowners from natural disasters, such as earthquake, landslide, sinkholes or gradual erosion. SMV/Robertson-Rock agents will educate clients on flood insurance coverage and help homeowners determine the correct type of insurance for their individual needs.

Special Vehicle

Vehicles beyond the traditional car necessitate added coverage for owners. Special vehicle insurance provides coverage for specialty vehicles such as:

  • Boat
  • RV
  • Motorcycle
  • Antique Auto

SMV/Robertson-Rock agents will educate clients on special vehicle coverage and help vehicle owners get on the road with essential coverage.

For all your personal insurance needs, call SMV/Robertson-Rock Insurance at 760-789-0070.

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