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Commercial Insurance

Protecting your business is top priority to guard yourself and your property from unforeseen problems. SMV/Robertson-Rock Insurance provides a variety of commercial insurance protection for business owners. Call SMV/Robertson-Rock at 760-789-0070 to discuss your personal insurance needs.


Ensuring your business property is protected from damage, loss or theft is the first priority for business owners. Whether you own, rent or lease, having sufficient commercial property insurance is essential for business owners to protect their assets. SVM Robertson Rock will ensure clients have the correct commercial property insurance for the business, whether small or large.


Business liability insurance protects yourself and those involved in your business, including your employees, from accidents. It is important to have liability insurance to protect your business from injury to employees and/or customers, property damage, accidents, and product liability. SMV/Robertson-Rock will help protect a business with essential business liability insurance to ensure you do not incur legal or medical expenditures in the event of an accident.

Business Vehicles

If vehicles are necessary to run the business, it is necessary to carry a business auto insurance policy. Protecting against liability and physical damage is essential for a business owner regardless of whether the vehicle is owned, leased or hired. SMV/Robertson-Rock Insurance will ensure clients carry the essential amount of business auto insurance as required by California law.

Workers' Compensation

Because carrying workers' compensation insurance is mandated by law, SMV/Robertson-Rock Insurance can help clients ensure they follow the law and carry the correct workers' compensation insurance for their business. Caring for employees and protecting the business owner is the goal of SMV/Robertson-Rock Insurance.


A bond protects the customer and business owner in the event that loss or fraud occurs. Some businesses are required by law to be bonded, such as contractors. Others may seek a bond to protect against unplanned loss or fraud. SMV/Robertson-Rock will advise clients about the benefits of bonding to protect a business and its customers.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

Employment Practices Liability Insurance, also called EPLI, is insurance to protect claims and lawsuits against a business or any people involved in the business, including principals and employees. EPLI insurance protects a business from issues such as sexual harassment, wrongful termination, gender or age discrimination, emotional distress, invasion of privacy, libel or slander and a variety of other litigious issues. SMV/Robertson-Rock Insurance will educate clients about EPLI and ensure business owners are protected from legal action.

Director and Officer Insurance

Director and Officer Insurance, also called D&O Insurance, protect the business against non-bodily injury claims. This type of insurance protects against claims brought on by direct (someone inside the company suing a director or officer) or third-party lawsuits (those lawsuits filed by a person outside the business). SMV/Robertson-Rock will inform clients on the importance of D&O Insurance for businesses to ensure protection of its key leaders.

For all your commercial insurance needs, call SMV/Robertson-Rock Insurance at 760-789-0070.

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